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Real Life


Adding and mixing ingredients to make pancakes on pancake Tuesday


Year 1- We made our own Christmas following our design. We added a lever.

Year 1- We looked at photographs of real life bridges and talked about the materials that have been used to make them and how they are joined. 

Year 2-

Year 3- 

Year 4- We cooked at Broughton high school. It was good to use real ingredients that had been grown at the school in our dishes. 

Year 5-

Year 6- We have been using recyclable materials to design and produce our own Viking Longships. The students tasked with producing the ship, its flag, a stand, and any additional decoration they wished to included (such as shields or passengers). 

Year 6 

Linking to real life, Year 6 have ben looking at how links and leverages work. We worked on a basic design (as shown) before being given a design brief and specification to make a product for when we leave St Peter's school.  

The children recognised that an in put would cause an output on the lever and that some points needed to be fixed while others, loose.