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In P.E we have been practising our dribbling skills within our invasion game unit of basketball. We had to control the ball while dribbling through the cones. We had to use both our hands to see which was our more dominant hand when dribbling. 


In Geography, we used atlases to identify the 7 continents and then to also list some of the countries that are in that continent to help with our locational knowledge. 


Studying L.S. Lowry in our first art unit, we focussed on two main things - scale and proportion. After investigating a famous painting of his, “Coming home from the Mill” we wrote down independently what we could see in the picture. 
We then had a go at drawing our own “Coming home from the Mill” remembering to focus on scale and proportion.

Scale - “the sizing of humans compared to houses” - Ezekiel

Proportion - “doors and windows can’t be the same size at the house, the windows need to be smaller than the door” - Dakshin