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Confidence and Self Belief

The children have worked really hard to complete research for their optional homework projects. Some of the children created PowerPoint presentations or brought items in for a 'show and tell'. The children presented to the class.

The children have been linking their PSHE work with their music and thinking about how we can show emotions and feelings through music. The children worked hard to create a class composition which told the story of the mixture of emotions someone will go through when playing a football match. The children worked together as a class to create the story of the football match and then worked to select instruments that were appropriate for the feeling they wanted to show. The children developed their confidence and self belief as they developed their contribution to the composition and performed in front of the class.


The link below shows our completed composition.




Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

The children worked in groups to develop and perform their own versions of a fable. The class were then to decide what the moral was the children were trying to show. The reader from each group had to confidently read out the fable with the rest of the children acting it out.


Follow the below link to watch some of the performances.

The children have explored different Chinese music and how music can be used to tell a story. The children considered how different tempos can be used to represent movement of characters. We have learnt about pentatonic scales and used this knowledge to create a composition to tell a story of a playful dragon and his lion friend.


Follow the below link to watch a video of our performance.