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In our English lessons, we have been learning how to use speech marks for the first time. We have looked at some well-known characters and what they are saying in their speech bubble. We then transferred what was said in the speech bubble into speech marks remembering important rules about punctuation. 


We looked at the 5 main food groups in a balanced diet:

  • Fruit and Veg
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Dairy
  • Spreads, Oils and Fats


We created a healthy meal to show these 5 food groups which included a main meal, a drink and a dessert. 


Recently, we had a taster of the sport Fencing. 

We tried on all the correct equipment we needed to wear and what we used and how to put this on and off correctly. 

We learnt all about the language used in this sport. For example, en-guard to make sure you are ready and touché is what you say when your opponent has hit you. 


As part of our Science in our Human Body topic, we looked closely at the key bones and key organs in our bodies. We located these and then also matched the job to the organ. 


In our Maths lessons, we have looked at division and using the method bus stop for the first time. 

We have also looked at how division sometimes has remainders.

To start this, we used ourselves as the number we were dividing and got into groups to show how the children that don't fit into the groups are the remainders. 

We then did this with sticks and leaves from the play ground outside.