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Forces and Magnets - Theme Day

For the start of our Forces and Magnets theme day, we began by looking at the two forces - Push and Pull.

As a table we sorted out different examples of push and pull and discussed an easy way to identify them both. 


"Push is when you move something away from you" - Lucas


"Pull is when something is being moved towards you" - Sophie 

We then had a go with the magnets for the first time. 

We looked at how if you put the blue and blue together (south pole) or red and red together (north pole) the magnets would not stick and they would move away from each other. We learnt that this was called repel.


Then we looked at the word attract. This meant when the north pole and south pole are facing each other, the magnets come together and they stick together. 


This showed us the push and pull force using magnets.

Pull together = attract, push away = repel. 

"The magnet was repelling so it looked like it was walking away" - Lola

Still image for this video

We then did a little experiment looking at different surfaces.

We got into groups to investigate which surface causes more friction. We could see this because the toy car didn't travel as far on certain surfaces. 

We tested surfaces like the carper, the wooden floor in the hall, concrete outside. 


We measure how far the toy car had travelled down the ramp and created a table to show the best surface and the worst surface the toy car travelled on. 

After our surface experiment, we then came back into class to explore our classroom looking for objects that are magnetic or non-magnetic