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Year 4

"In some countries, they use robots instead of people."


"They don't have feelings so they can't show compassion."


"People can loose their jobs."


"It could be very expensive. Who would pay for them?"



"Send them things that can help."

- "Small boats to help them out of their houses and to get their belongings."

- "Food."

- "Soap to wash themselves."

- "Drinking water."

- "Money to rebuild things."

- "Building materials."


"We could help them improve their drainage."

"We can pray for them."

"I think global warming makes it worse. we could stop using so much electricity."

"Yes we should have hobbies because you can make friends."


"Some hobbies can help other people so that is a good hobby to have."


"You can learn new skills and try something that you haven't before."


This news links to individual liberty because we can all choose a club that we like. I can choose gymnastics and someone else might choose football."