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Real Life

For our light up Christmas cards, we built our circuit inside out cards using copper tape. A lot of us found this tricky but we preserved. 


We are now beginning our music sessions working alongside our music teacher Mrs Maddox. We have now started learning how we construct our clarinet and what position our mouth needs to be to be able to successfully blow through the instrument. 


On Wednesday 1st November, we worked closely with a Historian looking at the lives of Victorians, linking to our History topic. After a talk in class all about the lifestyles and jobs of different classes in the Victorian era, we took part in different activities. 
We had a go at playing with toys and games that children would have played with. We worked in a “mill” to show how the machines in the mill all run alongside each other. We went back to a Victorian school and wrote with ink to see how difficult it would have been. We were a worker in a factory making moulds to then create irons. 


Our first unit in Science allows us to look at Electricity. We created circuits to allow a bulb to light up, a motor to run and a buzzer to buzz. We used wires to connect our circuits as well as a battery to power our circuit. 

Some videos of our motors running. We attached a piece of paper to show it moving.

Motor 1

Still image for this video

Motor 2

Still image for this video

Motor 3

Still image for this video