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Leading In Teams

The children have been looking closely at the dialogue between characters in our class novel, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz. 

We have been focusing on our tone and expression when reading aloud. We have chosen a part of the story when the characters interact and performed this to the class. 

Some questions we considered were:

How do the characters feel and why?

Which words tell us how the characters might be feeling?



Children have been working in teams to classify different types of micro-organisms. They had to sort mould, fungus and virus and classify based on its characteristics. 

Linking to real life, we have studied OS maps and developed our knowledge on using and creating 6 figure grid references. We looked at a section of a map and worked out how to do this as well as following clues to navigate around part of a map of London. The children worked in small teams to find all the clues and solve the puzzle!