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Reading in class

Our reading area in year 2 enables us to go on journeys and explore different adventures in our books. We have books on display, which at the moment, show the books that are Miss Garda’s Favourite books. We also have the storybooks we will read within our English unit of work. 

We have front facing books in our library so we can see the front covers and these books in our library so we can see the front covers. We also have topic books that relate to History at the moment and we use these in our lesson times as well as reading for pleasure. 

in our reading area, we have a nice comfy sofa, so we can enjoy a storybook in comfort whilst sitting next to a book buddy. 

Book Talk 

Each half term as part of our homework, we have the opportunity to take part in a book talk activity mat. Book talk consists of various creative tasks focusing around the foundation subjects. Our book talk homework is based around the books/topics we are studying in class and gives pupils and parents the opportunity to delve deeper into our class books/topics. 

Autumn Term 1

‘In our story, Mr Grinling works in a lighthouse. So at home, as part of our book talk homework, we made a lighthouse.’ - WO

Below are examples of our Book Talk homework! 

As part of our Book Talk we also created a healthy picnic for Mr Grinling. 

We also wrote recipes for Mr Grinling, which Mrs Grinling can prepare for him.

One of our book talk activity was to use Google Maps to look for lighthouses in the UK.

We also wrote a book review about what we liked about the story and what we did not like. 

We also had the opportunity to invite our grownups from our family to take part in a book talk activity in school. 

Our Class Friends Recommendation 


In Year 2 we have the opportunity to bring our favourite book from home or the book which we are currently reading at home and we can read it to our class and give them reasons as to why we like that certain book. 

‘At home I am reading ‘Deadly Diseases’ if you like science you’ll like this book’ - Jaxon