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Week 7 - DT

We used our knowledge of circuits to begin making our light-up Christmas cards. We had copper adhesive tape acting as our wires. We needed to carefully fold the tape which was very fiddly so that we could get the electricity to pass through the circuit successfully.  

When the card is closed, the LED lights up to complete our design. We were so impressed with ourselves! 

Week 4 - Science

We tried to separate light. We predicted that light was white but when we put it through the glass prism, it came out like a rainbow. It’s a bit hard to see on the photos but we could see blue, green and red.

Week 3 - English

We chose a key point from chapter 2 of The Street Child to freeze frame. We thought carefully from the character’s view point about the event. This helped us to empathise with the characters to understand why they were saying it behaving in a particular way. 

We understand how the author has made us dislike Mr Spink and feel sorry for Jim Jarvis and his family. We can’t wait to read more...