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On Friday 27th September, all the children at St Peter's took part in assemblies all about the NSPCC.

The assembly taught us all about our rights as children, how we have all different rights in order for us to be happy and healthy. 

They taught us about how we should talk to people if we have different worries. 

These worries could be things like not having anyone to play with, or worrying about being bullied, or worrying about things at home or that's happening in the world. 

We talked about how the people we could talk to could be our parents, our teacher, our friends, the police or even our pet!

Their mascot, Buddy the speech bubble, represented speaking out if we need to, not suffering in silence on our own. 

After the assembly, we then created a poster to show others what the message was from the NSPCC assembly. 

A few examples of the posters we made