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Careers and Future's Week

.Futures and Careers Week. 

Recently we have been thinking about our futures and our aspirations. 

We were lucky enough to have some visitors in to talk about their jobs that they do day to day. It was very interesting learning all about the different careers people have and why they wanted to do that job. We asked lots of questions to them and learnt so much from such a variety of different careers. 

Ebony's dad is an army paramedic
He said how he had to overcome fears in his job
The best thing is that he can help people
Sophie's mum is a sustainability manager
Her company creates products to save the planet
She showed us pictures of the Science Festival
Lucy's mum is a paramedic
She showed us how they perform CPR
Her job required going to university & training
Natalia's mum is a nurse in the gastro-ward
She can help between 15-20 people everyday!
Nabiha's mum is a doctor at a hospital
A police officer visited us to talk about his job
He protects and keeps us safe
They have a specific uniform they have to wear
With many different hats that we tried on
He also helps children find their way home
He also attends fires and car crashes in his job
Holly's mum is an occupational therapist
She helps people become independent again
The different equipment helps different areas
We got to try out the different equipment
The shoehorn helps people who can't bend down
This puts your socks on for you by pulling it
Lola's grandma is a beekeeper
The smoker calms bees down to create more honey
She has 15 colonies and collects honey from them
Clara's mum is also a nurse
She looks after people hearts in her job
The mask and hat stop germs from spreading
Mia's dad is firefighter at BAE
He watches jets so they land without catching fire
He showed us different pictures of fires
This is a hose that he would use to stop a fire
They have practice fires everyday
We tried on his protective equipment
Casey-Mae's mum is a Nursery Nurse
There are around 50 babies at her nursery
She helps the babies learn new things everyday

We created a piece of work as a class after each of our visits.

We discussed what different things they did in their job, what is would be like to do this job and also what we learnt from them.