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In English we are reading The Little Red Hen.  The children have been listening to the story, making stick puppets and then retelling the story.  The children worked independently using their cutting skills to produce their own puppets. 

In Maths we have been making repeating patterns using natural objects.


In Computing the children used how to take their own picture using the ipad.

You have to keep it very still (Sienna)

You need to press this white button to take the picture. (Edward)

You need to give it instructions. (Alice)

In RE the children have been learning about Hannukah.  They independently followed instructions to make Menorahs.  We also made cards for people celebrating.

The children have been writing about the Leaf Thief.  They were using their phonics to have go at writing a sentence.


We have learning about the Christmas story.  The children independently wrote a sentence about a part of the story.