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This half term we have been exploring the meaning of harvest festival celebrations.

We have attended our own harvest service in school and looked at the different ways people celebrate around the world. 

We have looked at the Bible and where harvest is referenced, particularly in the story of Ruth.

We also compared harvest to the Jewish festival of Sukkot.



We explored the festival of Harvest.

We thought about where our food comes from and all the people involved in the processes of food production. We watched videos of harvest collection in other countries and discovered how the different climates affect food production.

' I didn't realise that oranges grow on trees in Spain'. Grace

' Some food travels a long way before it reaches the supermarket.' Jacob


We compared harvest today to that of the Bible, using the story of Ruth 2 V 1-23 to help us compare.


We also looked at the Jewish festival of Sukkot and compared this to the Christian celebrations of Harvest.


' Harvest is a celebration of what God has provided for us, we say thank you for this.' Ebony


' In Sukkot all the family and friends eat food in a booth that looks like a wooden den.' Ben

We learned about harvest through drama.

We acted out a short play called 'The Greedy Farmer'.

Through drama the children were able to explore where the crops went to and how thankfulness is so important.

'We share food out to help those who don't have much food' Grace


' There are food banks to help people to get food' Ben


' The greedy farmer wasn't greedy after all, they just didn't understand what he was doing' Megan