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Science - We used real life items to build our knowledge of the organs involved in the digestive system and their function.

We used the plastic bag for the mouth and stomach. We crunched up crackers and used scissors to bite banana into small chunks like the teeth would do. We poured some orange juice into the bag to represent bile then mushed up the banana to show how the acid would break down the banana. We added the liquid to a tight and pushed through like food moving through intestines. All of the water coming out is the nutrients going into the blood. We cut a hole into the tight and pushed out the solid mixture representing faeces. 
by Yassin

We thought it was very gruesome but very fun to do. It really helped us to learn the words and remember what the organs do. 
by Martha 

To understand how long our intestines are, we measured a piece of string to 8.2m which is the average length of an adults intestine. It stretched across our whole classroom! I’ve even chosen a book from the library about digestion because it’s so interesting. 
by Angus. 

Maths - we used a massive place value chart to understand how to divide single digit and two digit numbers by 10.

Geography - field trip to Windermere - we ventured out compare our local area to the National Park of the Lake District.

Art - we learnt about David Hockney. We know what his style is and that he has an interest in water. We discussed how the shades of blue made us feel and tried out some of Hockney’s techniques.

Maths - Using apps such as TTRS to build our confidence with multiplication tables

Music - learning to create an embouchure correctly so that the reed of the clarinet vibrates

Still image for this video

Music - Learning the names of each part of a clarinet, knowing how to put them together