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Year 5

Year 5 World Book Day 2023

Year 5 had an abundance of different characters for World Book Day. We had Paddington, Iron Man, Matilda, Harry Potter, Fantastic Mr Fox, Billionaire Boy, William Beech and many more. Take a look at our pictures and the work we got up to. 

We took part in the BBC’s World Book Day live lesson which looked closely at different genres of stories and how to plan a story.

It discussed how to think of the genre, the characters, the setting and the plot to help you when creating your story. 

We took a well known story and put a twist on it. We could pick whatever story and whatever twist we liked. The well-known author Michael Rosen helped us throughout the online lesson.

We created a twist to link together. Even Miss Smith had a go at changing her character - The Cat in the Hat.

To finish off our World Book Day celebrations we had a go at a new activity - Remixed Rainbow Writing. This including us using lots of different books. We read through books and took out 1 or 2 sentences, we wrote those sentences in one colour. Then we looked at another book, stole a sentence from there and wrote in another colour. This built up a new short story, in different colours creating our rainbow. 

We had to make sure our sentences flowed slightly and we had to try and include some speech in there. We created some fantastic and funny short stories that we shared together.