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Sealife Centre Trip

Sealife Centre Trip - 05/11/2019

As we arrived at the Sealife Centre, the first thing we were to do was a guided tour. Our tour guide was Katie and she told us so many facts about all the different creatures there were. 

We looked through all the different areas like the Stingray Adventure and the Shark Tunnel. 

See all the different facts we learnt below. 

Katie also showed us their sea turtle they have there. Her name was Phoenix. We told her about the sea turtle year 3 have adopted who we have called Rose. Katie decided that Rose and Phoenix should be penpals.

We saw so many different types of fish, eels, crabs, starfish, sharks - there is just too many to list. 


After our guided tour, we then had a talk with Dale. Here we looked at different types of habitats - including the ocean and what different kinds of animals live there and how they are adapted to suit their habitat. We then talked about how things like pollution and global warming are destroying lots of different habitats and that we need to look after our planet.  


Have a look at all our pictures below. 

As our follow up work from the trip, our Big Write was a recount all about our visit. 

We had to think about everything that had happened throughout the day, who we had been with, what we had seen and what amazing facts we had learnt while we were there. 


To start our planning, we wrote all the different facts and experiences we could remember on the tables to use for our planning.