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In History, we have been looking at different sources of evidence and identifying if they are primary or secondary sources of evidence. We have also been identifying how different artifacts can help us piece together information from the past. 


Children have been working in small teams to practice call and response. Each child has had a turn at being the 'leader' while the other children listen and then repeat. 

Children have been working in teams to identify the beat in different types of music. 

Children made predictions about whether the beat will be faster or slower.


In Geography, we have been working in teams to identify similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography.


In D.T, we have been building structures and looking at how to make them stronger, stiffer and more stable. We have been working to build a bridge in the style of The New London Bridge, built by John Rennie. 

We have also been looking at different Neolithic houses and deciding if they meet our design criteria or not.