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Year 6

World Book Day 2022


For World Book Day, many of the children took the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book characters.


The students took part in a ‘Book Day Quiz’, and answered a variety of questions about popular books and novels. Throughout the day, the children were encouraged to talk about their favourite stories and characters; and why they enjoyed reading certain types of books (e.g. enjoying the setting, the plot or the genre).

The children also collectively read a classical children’s novel, before engaging in a group discussion over which parts of the story they had most enjoyed.  

Here is what some of our children had to say about the stories they had read:


”I enjoyed the Billionaire Boy, my favourite part was when the boys threw him into a bin because they didn’t know he was a billionaire.” - Mohammed A.


“I dressed up as the hooded figure from Beast Quest, my favourite part of the store was the battle at the end as they had a tug of war, it would be fun to do a tug of war with everyone in school.” - Zayan M.


”My favourite part of The Witches was when the boy got turned into a mouse... and he didn’t even want to turn back!” - Lena G.

“I dressed as Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians because I like fashion and puppies. I like sorry villains because they get looked down upon but they might not want to be villains.” - Mia L.