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In our French lessons, we started off by learning the French alphabet. We practised this by spelling out simple words and also our names and some animals you would find in the sea. 

After we had learnt the basics, we then moved on to looking at what the animals names were in French. 

We independently researched different sea animals, how they were spelt in French and we looked out for if the word was masculine (un) or feminine (une).

We also noticed that certain letters have accents above or below them. 

We then looked at how to pronounce these animals in French. We looked at how accents can change the pronunciation of a word and also how you don't always pronounce all the words when you say it. 

We then created an our own under water picture by drawing or sticking in animals and labelling them in French.

In our art sessions, we looked closely at David Miller's work and how he created the under water scenes. Each child then had a go at using the water colours. Individually, we practised our brush strokes and also the mixing of colours to create a new colour. 

We were able to create lots of different colours that we could use for things like coral and seaweed in our final paintings. 

We have been working on column subtraction in maths. We have answered different questions all week - some including exchanging and also some including 3 digits. 

We even had a go working them out on our tables!