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Key Stage Two

Key stage 2 wore silly socks in return for a donation to raise money

Year 4 learnt about people who have disabilities like Teddy who was partially sighted. We researched what Comic Relief do to support these people such as providing a phone helpline, special clubs and buying mobility chairs for children in Malawi. When tasks are challenging we learnt not to give up. We practiced this determination by making origami birds.

Year 5 wore silly socks and brought in a small donation to go towards Comic Relief. 
We then looked at the history of the “Red Nose” and where it all started. 

After that, we designed our own nose and wrote about what we were doing in school to raise money as well as what Comic Relief does and why it is important to support them. 

Year 6:

In Year 6, the students were given the opportunity to create their own Red Nose Day pictures, drawing there own noses and explaining their nose or why Red Nose Day is important.

“Red Nose Day is about raising money for children who aren’t as lucky as us. There was lots of ways to raise money, like doing a marathon.” - Poppy S.

“Red Nose Day is about selling stuff to help kids who don’t have much. You could help them buying things like toys, clothes or food.” - Ella F.H.

“We have Red Nose Day to support children who are in hospital, we can also help them by helping charities or raising money with a run.” - Isabella D.S.

“Red Nose Day is for people who are less fortunate, we buy red noses to raise money for charities.” - Poppy B.

Year 3 created their own silly socks and discussed different ways to raise money for charity. Children discussed where the money goes and how it helps other children in different situations.