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Art - learning how to add texture to paint

Children had to use different items to add texture and pattern to watercolours. To wet paint they added salt, rice grains, string for example to create patterns and textures once the paint had dried. The children then discussed which they preferred and what they might use it for. 
“I would use the salt on a picture where I was painting sand because it leaves little marks.” Jack 

Art - printing

Children chose items from the school grounds to create printing templates. The children had to replicate flowers for Mother’s Day and had to decide which leaves gave them the best shape to do this. They could also choose the shades and tones of paint mixed based upon prior learning of how to create them. 

History - using a range of sources to find out about the life of Ancient Greeks

The children had to become detectives. They used different pictures (architecture, pottery, sculptures and sculpted murals) to investigate. In their investigations the children needed to look for clues about Green myths, jobs during that period, clothes that were worn, how people lived their daily lives.