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In Picture News this week we have been talking about what we would wear on our feet. We talked first about what we could see in the picture. 

We then talked about what the runners would be feeling at the end.

We then talked about what they like to wear on their feet.

This week the children talked about Emojis.  They talked about what they were, which one they liked the best and where they had used them. 

This week we talked about somebody getting a job in parliament with Down’s Syndrome. We talked about anybody can do anything they want as long as they try hard. 
We thought about what we wanted to do when we were older. 

This week we talked about the feeling of disappointment.  Here are our thoughts.

In Picture News this week we talked about what we could see in the picture of the First Lady to finish the race in America.

”She looks tired” Anwita

”She looks like she can’t get up” Kiki

”She is hot” Harry 

“Lots of people are watching her” Affan

”She looks like she might die” Niam

”I think she needs a drink” Thea


We then went on to hear about the story and how this lady had challenged herself and I asked the children how they are challenged or whether they had found something hard.

”I go swimming and sometimes I am slow so I want to get faster” Vedant

I want to get better at riding my bike Aaryan

I want to learn to cook with my mum. Cherish.

I want to be better at doing tricks on my scooter. Noah

Iwant ot get better reading so I can read harder books Amelia

I need to get better at my writing. Aria