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Year Four

Week One - 10.1.24

With Kelly from Healthy Heads, we will be working through British Values and how these help our country. 

For our first week, we worked on the British Value, The Rule of Law. 
We discussed in class first about why we have laws. We talked about how we have rules in school, rules when we visit places and we have rules for our country which we know as laws. 

We chatted about why we have these laws. 
“To keep us safe” - Franklin

”So people don’t get hurt” - Maryam

”Because everything would be a mess and dangerous if we didn’t have them” - Zainab 


Kelly used the word chaos and said that it would be chaos if we didn’t have rules. 

We then went to the hall to take part in multi-skills 

The first game was a game of tug but the only way we could become free was if we stated one of our school rules. We were able to remember our 3 main headings - Ready, Safe, Respect. 
We remembered many rules from our class and around school. 
“No running in the corridors” - Marcus 

“Listen to each other” - Harry

”Keep cloakroom on tidy” - Ameerah 

The next game we played, we started playing without any rules being explained. Kelly just said “go” and we had to guess what it was we had to do. 
The game just ended up with a lot of us in the middle trying to take the equipment without knowing why. 
Kelly asked us our thoughts on how we played the game.

”It wasn’t fair because we didn’t take turns” - Isla

”People were just snatching things” - Holly

”We could have hurt each other” - Yahya


We then played it correctly with the rules explained and the game was much easier and nicer. We were able to work together as a team competing against each other and we gave each of our team members encouragement. 

Week Two - 17.01.24


Week two of our Healthy Heads workshop, we focused on a different British Value. This time we looked at the British Value of Democracy

Some of us were familiar with what democracy was and we all had a conversation about how democracy was when people were able to have a voice. We discussed how people can vote in our country and even we have choices in school. 

What choices do we have in school?
”We get to pick our own reading book” - Maryam

”We get to pick what we want for dinner” - Aleena

”We had a choice of who was our school council because we voted” - Holly 


We then looked at who has some rule over Britain 

“The King” - Franklin

“Rishi Sunak, our Prime Minister” - Ameerah 

“Police” - Ezekiel 

“The army protects us” - Dakshin

”Our local council” - Thomas 

“Mums, dads, everybody” - Zoe


We then discussed, the British public have a big say in how our country is run because of being able to vote which party is in power in government. 
We looked at who these were before completing our multi-skills games in the hall. 

In the hall, we worked in teams at our own game of bowling. 
We worked together to score points hitting down the cones which acted as our skittles. 

We encouraged each other and helped each other to try and beat our own scores from the previous go. 

For one of the rounds we had a choice of gaining more points. By using the hand we don’t usually use, we were able to score double the points. But if we didn’t feel comfortable with this, we didn’t have to. 


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Week 3 - 24.1.24

This week, we have looked at the British Value of Individual Liberty. 
Kelly told us how this meant that we are all free to be what we want to be. Because we live in the United Kingdom, we are allowed to do what we want and be what we want. We know that this also means still following rules, but if we want to grow our hair - we can, if we want to wear pants for school - we can. 

We then looked at statements to see if they applied to us by putting our hands up. 
After this activity, we then took part in “what makes me ME”. We wrote down 3 things that made our identity. 

We then went up to the hall for our physical activity part of our session. 
Today, we worked in pairs or threes throwing a beanbag to one another to gain points. We had to move around the room and work together to ensure we didn’t drop the bean bag. We then worked with a different partner to gain more points. 

Week Four - 31.1.24

This week, we looked at the last British Value of Mutual Respect.

Firstly, Kelly explained what this meant. 

“It means we have respect for each other” - Ameerah 

“We know that everyone has a right to have their beliefs and we respect that” - Kelly 

We then watched a video which showed us how we see mutual respect in every aspect of life. The children on the video spoke to different people where they want to see mutual respect. They spoke to a headteacher, a woman who plays rugby and a police officer. 
They all explained why it makes it easier to have that mutual respect between each other. Even playing rugby, the mutual respect is there to be able to play the game successfully. 

“It’s easy to show respect to someone when they show respect to you” - Aisha

“It’s hard to show respect if someone has a bad attitude towards you” - Daniel 


It can be hard to show mutual respect if you don’t agree with something or we don’t know about something. But, we have to be respectful still - we have to understand everyone’s beliefs, rights, religion, culture. 


”We show respect by being helpful” - Marcus 

“We can show respect by being kind” - Thomas 

Kelly explained that sometimes people agree that respect needs to be earned. But also she explained that sometimes respect needs to be there already. 
Kelly explained that sometimes, mistakes can happen and people may do wrong, but that doesn’t mean we NEVER show them respect. 

We then looked at how different religions show respect in their religion compared to others.