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Children's Choice Homework

Choice Homework


These are the different Choice Homeworks the children have brought in from home. 

Holly had been busy baking and creating starfish biscuits for the class. They were very yummy!
Dylan had also been busy baking at home creating a starfish cookie for us all. 
These children had been busy at home making different under water scenes using different equipment from around the house. 
Layla had linked our computing research topic to her work at home and created a fact poster all about Bottlenose Dolphins. 
Elsie had been to the beach to collect some shells
Ollie has created a 3D moving under water scene - his shark could move from side to side. 
Holly created another under water scene using real shells. 
Mia had also taken a trip to the beach and created "Mia's Ocean". She used paint to create the sea background with leaves from bushes to create seaweed. The fishes at the back have moving tails. A toy dolphin was connected by fishing wire to create the illusion of the dolphin swimming.
Nabiha had created her under water scene by daggling the different sea creatures from the top so they looked like they were swimming. She also added lots of different facts about sea creatures around the outside. 
Casey-Mae and Maya had chosen to do some research on the famous Titanic and created an information poster on what they had found.

Dylan decided to take a different spin on finding out facts about the Titanic. 

He created a model of the Titanic with different facts around it.