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Year Five

Week 1 - Rule of Law

Kelly from Healthy Heads spoke to us about the British Value; Law. 

We discussed the reason we need laws and what would happen to the class or country if we didn’t have them. We talked about the two types of law and learnt a little about the jury system. 

“Civil law is about family matters.” Pupil 1 


“If there were no rules in school, I think most people would choose todo playtime all day.” Pupil 2


“Sometimes a judge will send people to prison, you can be in there for life or you might get a few months.” Pupil 3

Week 2 - Democracy

Today Kelly from Healthy Heads spoke to us about democracy. We know that this gives all people a chance to have their views heard. 

We discussed times at school when we have a chance to have our views heard through voting in class to elect eco councillors and sharing our ideas with school council who represent all the pupils. 

Pupil 1 “ We can vote when we are 18.”

Pupil 2 “You can register to vote at 16.”

Pupil 3 “There are 650 MPs in our country.”

Pupil 4 “You can vote online or go to a Polling station.”

Pupil 5 “Democracy means we get a choice.”

Pupil 6 “Democracy is a fair way to choose who gets to do something in our community.”

Week 3 Individual Liberty

Today Kelly spoke to use about Individual Liberty. 

This is when people have their chance to have a say so long as it doesn’t hurt someone else by what you think or say. 

Week 4 Mutual Respect

We talked about respect today and how it is a two way thing. We discussed how hard it is to respect someone that has done wrong to us but we linked this to our school value of forgiveness. 

Week 5 Revisiting our Knowledge

This week Kelly taught us about mutual respect. 

We revisited our knowledge of all the British Values. We nominated ourselves to be leaders and created our own manifestos. We voted for the best leader. This taught us about respecting other people’s views, democratic voting and creating rules.