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After collecting data as a group, we then independently created our car charts. 

“We used the date from our group work and made a bar chart. We had to make sure our y and x axis fit on the page and that 0 was at the bottom” - DS

We independently worked through converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to improper fractions by using our times table knowledge. 

“The fraction line shows division. So 15/7 means 15 ÷ 7. We know there are 2 lots of 7 in 15 with 1 remainder which means there are 2 whole ones and 1/7” - Isla 


“For a mixed number to improper fraction you times the whole number by the denominator and then add the numerator” - Ameerah

We used counters to make arrays to help us when we worked on factor pairs for the first time.