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In PE we are focussing on dance. 

We have been learning about different types of shell shapes and stormy and calm waves/sea. We worked collaboratively with our friends to recreate some of the shell shapes we learnt about. 

Within our dance unit we have also been learning about sea creatures. 

As a class we looked at shark, crabs and lobsters. We also had the opportunity to include a sea creature of our own. 

Here are some examples of us creating some sea creatures. 

In science we have been learning about the importance of exercise. During our PE lesson we challenged ourselves to see how many different exercises could we do in 1 minute. 
For children in need we took part in the 24 hours challenge held by Joe Wicks. At the end of the workout we were all exhausted! 
Everyday in the morning we always join in with wake and shake. This is a perfect way to start our day. 
This week during wake and shake we have been taking part in a lot of fitness videos lead by gonoodles. 

Team building game - The floor is lava 


in order to develop our team building skill we all took part in a team building challenge, this required us to work collaboratively with our class friends to safely navigate ourselves and our friends to the safe zone making sure we don’t touch the lava.