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Year One



Year 1 had their first session with Healthy Heads this week. The session began with a story about Daisy the glass doll and introduced a new piece of vocabulary for the session, self-esteem. The children listened to the story and discussed how Daisy felt.


Myles - Daisy feels left out when she is not allowed to play football with the other toys.


Chimamanda - Daisy feels sad because the other toys will not let her join in.


Libby - She feels like she is different to everyone else.



The children were then asked to write down something that made them special or unique.


Joel - I can jump really high on the trampoline.


Oliver - I got my Squirrels certificate.


Srikshitha - I like cricket


The children had to guess who had written the statement and had great fun doing this. We discussed why our differences make us special.






We really enjoyed playing lots of fun games using teamwork. We had to move quietly across the hall so that we did not wake the hungry hippos. 



This week our focus for our Healthy Heads session was 'Kindness'. 


We listened to a story about 'The Sweet Witch' and discussed which characters in the story showed kindness. We discussed how we can show kindness to one another.


We then played some games in the hall using turn taking skills and kindness to our peers. Our favourite game was the car game where we had to use our listening skills to drive the car in the correct direction and look out for other cars on the road. 



Today, the children have been learning about the importance of teamwork and what makes a good team player. We discussed what made a good team mate.

Sharing - Libby

Waiting for your turn - Chimamanda

Kindness and using kind hands - Edward

Not shouting over people - Dougie


The children then worked in teams to complete a jigsaw puzzle task. They had to put their knowledge of teamwork to the test.