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Choosing to draw an angel using chalk. 

Year 1


We looked at the different materials and talked about the textures. We created a college of an animal we drew using a choice of materials.

Year 2

Using different materials to replicate textures. 

Drawing Vincent Van Gogh, 'Fishing Boats on the Beach at Saintes Marie's de la Mer'. Pupils had the choice to choose the colour tints they wanted to use for the sky, sea and sand. They also got to choose what colour pastel crayons they wanted to use for the boats. 

After looking at a few, the pupils decided which Paul Klee artwork they wanted to recreate using different mediums to add colour. 

Year 3

The pupils chose which tartan print best represents their heritage. 

Year 4

The pupils decided which landscape image to be inspired by and which medium to use to add colour.