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Real Life

The real life driver has been hit in Year 6 whilst we have been solving problems in maths linked to algebra. 

The children played a game where they had to substitute a number into an algebraic expression trying to make 3 in a row! 


We had a live ‘Zoom’ session with a NASA Astronaut and were able to ask questions about their upcoming launch in Scotland. After the session, children continued to research about the space launch and find answers to any questions hey still had e.g. ‘What will the space suits be made out of?’ 

The children have experience read life when increasing their knowledge of artists who use printing techniques.

Specifically, we have looked at Georgina Brown and how her upbringing has influenced her mono-printing style now. 

We have tried to 'read the art' and understand why her prints may have been created and how she may have been feeling. 

Take a look.