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We created our own colour wheels using water colours. We looked at the 3 primary colours and then extended our knowledge further by creating secondary and tertiary colours. 

We then used the water colours again as part of our Anatomy Art lessons. 

This time we were looking at the Lungs and we could chose how we coloured/painted it. We copied the original by sketching it on the page next to it - we tried to keep it to scale with the original. 

Once we had drawn it, we then painted it. Some of us chose blowing, some of us chose splashing and others painted them lots of different colours. 


As part of our PE unit, we sat down and found our pulse. We looked for our pulse either on our neck or on our wrist. We stayed sat down and counted how many beats we could feel.

We then completed some exercises - star jumps, squats and sprints and found our pulse again. We could feel the difference - our heart was pumping much faster after our exercises therefore our pulse was much quicker. 


In our English lessons, we looked at prepositional phrases and how we can use these in our writing to add more detail to the nouns that we include in our Big Writes.

We wrote examples on the tables before writing them into our books. 


As part of their Geography, the children looked at their local area around school to complete fieldwork.

They used a map to look at human and physical geography and then completed their fieldwork in their books. They tallied the different human and physical geography in their books and then wrote sentences looking at directional language.