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Autumn 2 - Geography 

Ahead of our walk around the local area for our Geography fieldwork, we used DigiMaps to look at how the area of Fulwood has changed over times. We looked at common features within 3 years (1850s, 1950s and now). After looking at the maps in detail, we then created a table to compare the 3 time periods/maps and what features appeared when. 

Autumn 1 - History

Within our Ancient Egyptians unit of work, we looked at different sources and what we can learn from them. These included pictures or different text types relating to Tutankhamun’s tomb and what people have found. 
We need to look at past sources because this allows us to learn from them and gain new knowledge - HK

Autumn 1 - Art

Our art unit of work this year is self portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo. After looking at her own work, we then practised drawing our own main facial features, the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the ears

Autumn 1 - Computing

To start our computing unit - Networks & systems - we looked at digital systems we use today. We discussed how there are many working digital systems around today. A new one being that digital lockers for ordering things online. We wrote down the system and process that happens with these digital lockers.