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After looking at the continents of the world, we then revised what human and physical geography was and how we can identify them. We discussed this as a class and then worked together to sort human and physical features from 5 of those continents. 


To help us with our music sessions, we have been working altogether to practice keeping in time, the tempo and the pulse. We worked together to make sure we passed the teddy on ‘1’ when counting in 4s. We clapped along to help the person passing. 

Working on pulse as a full class

Still image for this video


Coming towards the end of our invasion game unit, we have applied all the knowledge and skills we have learnt independently and applied this in mini games, focussing on successfully attacking and defending as a team. 


To start our History unit of The Victorians, we worked as a team to construct a timeline of key events that happened within the Victorian era. Here we were working together to text our chronological order knowledge.

One of our finished timelines