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In our computing unit, we had to look at how to research online and how to do it effectively. We knew searching for key words and only looking at reliable sources, the information we found we could use. 

We tied this with our Under the Sea topic and each child chose a sea animal of their choice to research and create a research poster all about them. 

We answered questions such as:

  • What does your animal eat?
  • Does your animal have any predators?
  • Is your animal endangered or vulnerable and why? 

We completed our research into our note/planning books and then transferred this onto our posters at the end. 

In art, we looked at the perspective in the paintings produced by David Miller. We talked about how this is shown - smaller fish are further away and anything that is bigger in the painting shows that it is closer. 

We had a go at showing perspective in our drawings - we chose some of our favourite features from the paintings we had looked at and had a go ourselves. 

As part of our DT unit in our Under the Sea topic, the children will be creating a fish kite. 

We looked at different designs of fish kites and also looked at different designs of kites that showed a sea animal or creature. 

We picked 2 of our favourites that we liked and evaluated and thought about the equipment we would use to create the kite.

After this, we then had to a criteria before we started to create our kite. 

Miss Smith put out all the different equipment we could use to make our kites. We had to choose what equipment we thought would be best for our design. 

We then created a step-by-step guide about the construction of our design for us to follow when we come to make it. 

The final thing we had to do was finally sketch out what our design would look like in our DT books. 

Here are pictures of us with our final designs. 

In our English lessons, we have started to look at the story "Commotion in the Ocean" linking to our Under the Sea topic. 

We read through the story at how the author describes each sea creature.

We then chose some of the different animals then picked which words we would use to describe these animals.