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Year 1

Spring Term


This term is very busy in all subjects.


We will be looking at the features of non fiction books and then the children will be choosing their favourite to research. With this research they will be making their very own book including all the features like titles of pages, pictures, labels, captions and information writing.

The rest of the term we will be looking at stories and poems on a theme.



This term the children will be working on:-

1) Place Value 

2) Numbers before and after including 10 more and 10 less.

3) Weighing and measuring.

4) Adding and Taking Away.

5) 2D and 3D shapes



Animals and Humans.  This includes lots of sorting, classifying, looking at parts of the body and paying particular attention to the senses.



Africa - We will be looking at where it is in the world.  We will also be looking at how it compares to Preston including the weather, animals, houses and other aspects that interest the children.



Later on this term we will be focusing on Line and investigating the artist Mondrian.



We are super excited to be working with PNE to improve our ball skills.



We will be exploring what made Jesus special and finding out more about His special friends. Later in the term our thoughts will turn to Easter.



We will be looking at internet safety and what that means for us. We will also be creating pictures and texts for our own cards.










Take a look at what we will be doing over the year.




Some highlights from the Autumn term

In R.E. we looked at 'Creation'. 

We created our own pictures, using computers, paint, collage. We created models using 

'Playdoh', 'Lego' and boxes.



We used our new 'Godly Play' objects, to look at what God created and discussed what he created in the beginning and the order of creation.




We imagined we lived in Nazareth in our role play area.

We imagined we lived in Nazareth in our role play area.  1
We imagined we lived in Nazareth in our role play area.  2



Year 1 is a really important time to get to grips with phonics. To be confident readers and writers, children need to be able to sound out words. For example, if we see the word 'wheel', we break it down into 'wh', ee, and l. Have a go at some of the free games on the 'Phonics play' website and keep talking, sounding out words! (Please note you will only have access to the free resources on 'Phonics Play' unless you subscribe at home. Children do not have a school login sorry.)