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WW2 Workshop

On Tuesday 21st of July we took part in our World War Two workshop with the historian who visited school. 

To start our workshop, we took part in reenacting the events of WW2 as us being the different countries involved. The mats were set out as a miniature world map and we sat on mats with our hats on to the corresponding country. 

  • I was Belgium and I made a lot of chocolate while the war was going on. I stayed out of fighting during the war - Jacob
  • I was Japan and I was at war with China before WW2 began. I invaded a lot of countries, one being India. I also attacked America at Pearl Harbour - Sophia 
  • I was Italy and I had to go to North Africa and was in battle with people there. I called Germany to help us - Clara 
  • I was Germany and I first attacked France and then moved on to Austria. We were going to attack Poland but Russia also wanted to attack them and we thought if we attacked Poland, Russia would attack us. Britain, America and Russia all closed in on us to stop us - Grace R
  • I am Britain. I helped France first because the Germans were coming through Belgium to get to France. I saved a lot of French people as a lot of people came to live here. I tried to recruit extra soldiers and used special devices to detect other countries submarines. One of my British soldiers went to Germany to cut all of their telephone lines so they could not call for help. America then came to Britain and we all attacked Germany. I shook hands with Russia because we both helped each other defeat the Germans - Megan



We then made our way outside and took part in different stations in small groups. 
The different stations related to different aspects of the war including jobs, uniforms and toys. 

Toys during the war

A lot of these toys would’ve been made before the war broke out as it was illegal to make toys during the war.

Milking cows.

The gloves acted as the udder. It was a hard technique to do to ensure the water came out. 

Putting out fires.

One person had to pump the water from the bucket while one person aimed the hose at the fire. 

Different uniforms.

We tried on different uniforms from different armies. Some men and some women.

Pistol shooting
These were replicas from ones that were used during the war. These pistols had little spikes where the bullets would’ve come out. This was so the spikes stabbed the paper where the bullets would’ve hit. We had to make sure we got into the correct position when lying on our front and holding the pistol correctly too.