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Working in Teams

Exploring rhythms with clapping

Exploring rhythms with words

"We looked through the vocabulary from our history topic, Ancient Egypt, to give each word a syllabic pattern. We then intertwined these words and rhythms to create a layered piece of composition. We had to work in small groups as it is easier to follow your rhythms when there are more of you. All the groups had to perform their words or claps at the same volume otherwise we would drown each other out and then we wouldn't be able to hear all of the parts."

- Owais

"We worked in groups to do this. It really helped me because I knew something that other people didn't and they knew things that I didn't because they had read different books at home. That's what is good about working in groups because more brains are better than one."

- Finlay

"It was much better doing this in partners and it was more fun! It got us up and about and pinching ideas from other children helped us to change the order of our events. Once we did that, then we stuck them in. It's always good to talk."

- Danikah