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Viking Visit: History

History: Viking Visit

To link into our Viking history topic for this term, the Year 6 students took part in a Viking workshop, throughout the day the students received talks about how the Vikings overcame a variety of challenges in their travels, such as what to use for food, how to build and sail ships through difficult weather, and how to invade areas around Britain without being outnumbered and defeated. 

After their talks, the students were able to take part in a number of different practical activities as a part of their workshop. Working in groups; the students were able to grind flour for bread, use a weaving loom to create patterned cloth, nail boards to part of a Viking ship, and try on Viking clothing whilst playing games.

Finally, to end off their Viking workshop, the students were also given the opportunity to handle a variety of different pieces of Viking equipment, such as tools, weapons and games.