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The Flower

Today our unit of work was about making decisions and the right choices.

We read the book 'The Flower'. We then had to explain the characters, thoughts, feelings and emotions. There was no colour in this book. The boy lived in a dull, dark city, which had no light and then he found a seed. He planted the seed and from that grew colour. The boy had to make choices as to whether to grow the seeds as well as take a book from the dangerous part of the library. (NC)


This book was interesting and it taught us how important it was to have confidence and try new things. If the character hadn't have had the courage to take the book, he would never have been able to bring colour into the city. (DB)


It's an interesting book and we have lots of different ways of explaining our understanding of the book.

We hope you enjoy some of our samples of work. (FD)

Here are some examples of our work.