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Today we had visitors from HMRC. They came to talk to us about taxes. Our parents pay money to the Government and then that money is used for health, schools and things like street lights. (ID)


The visitors explained about items that add tax on them and some items that don't have tax on them. Did you know that they collect tax from fizzy drinks and chocolates, so when I buy some chocolate I pay tax to the government. They don't collect tax on baby clothes or baby food. (VC)


Did you know there are different types of tax and adults pay different amounts of tax depending on their job. (ES)


We discussed where best to spend the money collected by the HMRC. I said that more money should go to research for new medicines to make people better and prevent them being ill. (OC)


I said that more money should be spent o defense because I have an uncle who defends our country. (AR)


We then wrote a report about the visit and below are some examples of our work. Year 4 hope you enjoy what we have found out. 

Here are the photographs of our visitors.

Her are examples of our reports about the visit from HMRC.