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We started off the new Spring term looking at fractions for the first time in Year 3. 

We knew what a fraction was as we look at this a lot in Year 2, but a lot of what we learnt back then now needed to develop into trickier areas of fractions. 


We first looked at finding different fractions of objects. 

We then ordered different fractions. We looked at improper fractions which includes a whole number with a fraction. 

After our fractions work, we then moved on to units of measure. 


We first looked at weight, more specifically we looked at measuring the weight of thinks in grams and kilograms. 


We compared when we used them. For example - a pencil we would measure in grams but a box of books we would measure in kilograms. 


We had chance to explore our classroom and weigh lots of different items from around the room. 

After looking at weight, we then looked at volume and capacity. 


We talked about how this is measure in litres and millilitres.


For our practical work this time, we measured our different amount of lentils into our measuring containers. If we used water is could get very messy! 


We used lots of different shaped containers which all had a different maximum measurement. When we had to fill 500ml some of us noticed that our container only went up to 250ml so we would have to find a bigger one!



We then moved on to 2D and 3D shapes.

We already knew lots about the shapes and their properties. 


Within our shape topic we looked at different types of lines. These included: parallel, perpendicular, horizontal and vertical.


We went outside as the weather was sunny, and we drew these different lines. We had instructions of what line we had to draw and how long that line needed to be.