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Sport in School

7th July 2022 - Games for Everyone Day

Year 6 

Yesterday the year 6 children took part in a range of activities including wheelchair basketball, boccia, punch pads and handball.

we learnt how some people mange to take part in these activities if they possibly had a leg or hand missing or if they had a disability or medial condition.

Year 3

“I enjoyed the boxing because it is good for our health and means you have to move quickly.”

”I enjoyed the wheelchairs because I’ve never been in one before.”

”The boccia wasn’t great because anyone can play, even if they are disabled or injured.”

Angus - We learnt that just because people are disabled they can still participate in sports if they want to. 

Silas - We learnt how it feels to play adapted sports. 

Maja - I learnt that anyone can play wheelchair basketball, able and disable people. 

Lydia - I learnt that sports can be fair for everyone if you play the right sport. 

8th July 2022 - Sports for Champions - GB Athlete Sponsored Workout

KS2 Circuits

In KS2 we had to do a circuit with a minute each of: 


  • Spotty dogs
  • Mountain climbers 
  • Press ups
  • Star jumps 


It was really difficult to do the station for 1 minute without stopping. I was out of breath at the end. 

Whole School Athlete Assembly