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September 2019

The children enjoyed sharing their chatterbags at school. The chatterbags included information such as: pictures, objects collected, leaflets and toys from each child. Sharing the contents in small key worker groups has really developed the children’s confidence in Reception socialising with new peers making new friendships; allowing staff and children alike to get to know one another forming long lasting relationships.

Me and Safaa made aqua beads. We went to the lakes
At the zoo the giraffe liked my hand!
I have a monster. I painted it and stuck eyes on.

We enjoyed our first tennis lesson! This involved the children practicing their catching skills, hand eye coordination and listening skills, we balanced our balls on our tennis rackets, and played a game called mouse trap. We cant wait to have another go and explore this sport more.

"This is the listening line."
"I wanted to watch, but had a go and liked it."

Tennis sandwich catching

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The Bean Game

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Warm Up Statue Game.

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Catching Bean Bags.

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We enjoyed reading with friends boosting our experience and knowledge of books. Through peer reading we hope to improve: The children’s experience of stories, modelling fluent reading decoding the sounds blending them together to read the words and sentences, expanding our vocabulary and exposing the children to new authors, texts, and genres.

"We both had a go together"
"I liked spending time with poppy"

The children are experimenting with the IPads trying new apps we have at school, showing an interest in technological toys. They have discovered the camera and took videos and pictures of each other exploring the settings of it. They are showing skill in making toys work by pressing parts or to achieve effects such as sound, movements and new images.

Selfie setting discovery!

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