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September 17

For the start of Year 3, we had a great opportunity to use Paddington and his stories to help with our writing and our different grammar and punctuation. 

We were able to look at 3 different stories from the Paddington series.

They were:

  • Paddington and the Marmalade Maze
  • Paddington at the Zoo
  • Paddington at the Palace





With using these stories, we have been able to write a diary entry as Paddington all about his day at the zoo. We were able to be in character as Paddington - remembering to use first person. 

We discussed the different animals we saw, but most importantly, all those animals that stole our marmalade sandwiches!

Then we used our skill of writing in first person to write a letter to Mrs Gruber, all about the day out at Buckingham Palace with Mr Gruber.

We talked about Paddington's walk through St James' Park (remembering capital letters for proper nouns), watching the marching band and the Changing on the Guard. 

Finally, we were able to become the author! We weren't writing in first person anymore, because we were talking about Paddington instead of being Paddington

We had to create a new trip or adventure for Paddington. 

We had some great ideas that we all shared with everybody. Some of our trip ideas and places to visit were:

  • The Dentist
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The beach
  • Dinsey Land

... And so much more!!

Here are some examples of our work.