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In science we have been looking at the human body in detail. We have learnt about the circulatory system (including the lungs) and the digestive system.


As part of this unit, we decided to investigate the answer to our own question,

"Which increases more with exercise, breathing rate or heart rate?

To do this, we first planned our investigation using independent, dependent and control variables.

Then we measured our heart rate (HR) and breathing rate (BR) in beats per minute and breaths per minute and carried out our exercise. We then measured our HR and BR again afterwards.

We collated our results together and found the average resting HR and BR along with the average HR and BR after exercise. We input the data into graphs to help us find our results.

We measured the angle the graph increased on both the HR and BR graphs to find out which increased the most.

Some of us even used a formula to find the percentage increase.

Picture 1
Picture 2