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School Values

We have a Visual Mission Statement which is created by the children to express how they see the central purpose of school and the roles of everyone in it.  This is the latest one made in September 2016.

Children's Visual Mission Statement

The children have used symbols and images to represent what is important in our school.


The rainbow symbolises our journey through school that we walk along.  The rainbow also reminds us of God's promise to us.


The adults who teach, support and care for us are represented by the butterflies in the air.


The cross and the star remind us that Jesus gives us light to know what to do.


The treasure chest represents the knowledge, skills and abilities that children learn and the different subjects we learn are shown in their symbols near the treasure.


Flowers on the left symbolise our blossoming knowledge and skills as we learn more and more.  They also remind us of the good times we have at school.


Children play together showing us that friendship and cooperation are important.

School Mission Statement


School Council Children's Code of Conduct