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Safer internet day 2019

Today has been safer internet day and we have concentrated on how the internet can impact on our mental health and well-being. (Angela)


We discussed two words permission and consent. We had to guess what we thought these words meant. Most of our class understood the word permission as that is what we need to have to go swimming. Consent was more difficult and only two of my friends could explain what it meant. I now know that you have to give consent to join and app because you have to agree to let the app people access your tablet. (Fazil)


We had to read messages and sort them into consent or permission and then stick one of each into our books. (Ben)


The best part of today was writing our own book about keeping safe on the internet. We used the e-book Digiduck for our ideas. We had to show what acceptable and not acceptable behaviour was about. These stories had to be written for younger children and I know I had to use simple words, so that the younger children would understand (Anna)



Here are some examples of the work the children have completed to date.