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The Impact of the Roman Empire on Britain

Our first topic in history allows us to look at the Roman Empire, who the Romans were, the Legacy of the Romans and much much more. 


Our first part of the topic included us looking at the legacy of the Romans. 

This gave us the opportunity to do lots of research in our groups. In our groups we got given a different area to look at in the Roman legacy. We then became the teachers and we taught the rest of the class all about what we had found out and what we had learnt. 

The different areas pf the Roman legacy we looked at were:

  • The Calendar
  • Plumbing
  • Money and Currency
  • Roads
  • Central Heating
  • Food and Drink
  • Latin and Language
  • Religion


Here are some of our groups presenting their work. 


After our group research, we then started to look at the Roman army. 


This linked in nicely with our DT topic as we then created some Roman shields of our own out of cardboard. Within this section we looked at what the designs meant on the Roman shields. When a shield was red that symbolised Mars, God of War. Some shields had lightening bolts which signified Jupiter. Jupiter was the king of the Roman Gods.


Here are some of our examples. 


We designed it in our DT books first and then built them out of cardboard.