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Road to Tokyo

Understanding the significance of the Olympic rings

We learned that if you have a disability, you can still do sports and that the Paralympic values link to determination, courage, inspiration and equality. We continued our thinking to link it to our knowledge of other words that describe the determination that sport requires. 

Recognise the power of mottos to inspire and motivate

We learnt the motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius. It means faster, higher, stronger and it encourages athletes to do their best. We individually wrote poems that would inspire athletes to compete and train to the best of their ability. 



Boccia is a new game. You have to sit on a chair and roll your team's ball to the white ball. Which ever team gets their ball the closest, wins! We really liked this game. 


Archery was really fun. We had arrows with suction pads on. You need to be really strong to pull back the elastic and make your arrow fly. 


Goal Ball

Goal ball uses a ball with a bell inside. You had to use your hands to tap the ball from your side of the court to the other side and score a goal. We are lucky enough to be able to see and check where we were once we'd taken the blindfold off but we know that paralympians who play goal ball do not have that luxury. 

Sitting Volleyball

Sitting volleyball is much harder than it looks. It is not as easy to move as you think. 

Wheelchair Basketball

We found this really difficult. You need a lot of upper arm strength to push a wheel chair. 

Creating our own sports games

We created our own sports games using only a maximum of 4 pieces of equipment. These games had to involve creativity and be inspiring for your people. 

Designing our own Olympic postage stamps

Using our knowledge of the day, we had to design attractive postage stamps that demonstrate the values of the Olympics.